Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Duct Cleaning Tile & Grout Cleaning *****

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Duct Cleaning Tile & Grout Cleaning *****

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Duct Cleaning Tile & Grout Cleaning *****Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Duct Cleaning Tile & Grout Cleaning *****

"Full System" Ducted Heating Cleaning

Here's how we clean your Ducted Heating System... Guaranteed.. with the    Steam 'n' Dry 4 step    Full System Duct Cleaning process...

Step 1: Return Air Duct Cleaned

The majority of dust in your ducted system is usually found in the air return duct. This is because air is constantly sucked into the return air grill and passes along the return duct to the heater. You may notice the return grill gets dusty over time, well the build up of dust does not stop there. The entire length of the return duct and the heater interior collect dust also. Over the years the amount of dust just builds and builds. Millions of dust mites, bacteria and germs live in this dust.

Step 2 - Heater Interior Fan & Motor Cleaned.

We open up the heater and remove the fan. The fan blades, motor and casing are separated for cleaning. The fan blades and casing are pressure cleaned with hot water and the motor is cleaned using an air gun. The heating channels and the interior walls of the heater are also cleaned using a teatree solution. This area is particularly important as an excess of dust can cause the fan to break down or worse, can cause the system to catch fire.

Step 3 - All Duct Lines Cleaned & Checked.

Each of the ducts lines in your house are then individually cleaned. A special probe that runs on compressed air travels along the duct dislodging debris which is immediately removed from your home by a powerful vacuum system. We do not use electric vacuum systems because they are simply not powerful enough. The vacuum system we use is powered by our Van's Turbo Diesel Motor which has a capacity of around 500 cubic feet per minute whereas the most powerful electric vacuum systems with four 1200 

Step 4 Bact-i-gas (Natural Teatree Sanitiser).

 After duct cleaning is complete we turn the heater on to check operation is normal. Then we apply ‘bactigas’ into the return air vent. (Bactigas, is simply distilled Teatree oil compressed as gas, and is a natural antiseptic.) The Teatree the flows along the return air vent into the heater and out through all the duct lines and vents. This sanitises and deodorises the system for you. Bactigas contains natural Tea Tree Oil produced in Australia by means of steam distillation of the foliage.

"Full System" Ducted Heating Cleaning

You can expect the same level of service for cleaning your Evaporative Cooling System. Click on the link below.